Belgian Inspired Restaurant

Belgian inspired restaurant

Creperie With Fine Soups & More - Overlooking The Cowichan Bay


(250) 597-7373



A cosy, intimate restaurant, tucked away in the Cowichan Bay, serving carefully crafted seasonal ingredients, with the care and attention provided –as if you had your very own private chef back home. We serve delicious crepes, soups, fries, pastries & more in Cowichan Bay BC. Come enjoy great prices, fast service and nothing but the best & freshest ingredients!

food and drink, perfected

Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even dessert. All of our beer is local from the Red Arrow Brewing Company based in Duncan



we are very loved for our food and service

Perfect service and very comfortable for a tasty family meal. “Classy casual”. Amazing server!!! Small sesonal menu. Best meal out in the Cowichan area for a very long time😁
— Maygen Cooper - Google
All time best chef in the cowichan Valley. Delicious food straight outta Belgium. The crepes are where its at and its at a super peaceful spot.
— Chris Mccrory - Google
Atmosphere was warm. We were surrounded by windows leaving us with beautiful views. Staff was friendly.

Now the food was amazing! Everything was fresh. The calamari was exceptional. I had the crab avocado salad. Real crab! My son had the seafood crepe. It was filled with shrimp, salmon, scallops and other goodies. Great presentation.

If you want fresh quality food at a decent price it’s definitely the place to go. I know I will be returning.
— Dawn Brewer - Google

The Kitchen




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